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THEATRE WORKSHOPS - For school bookings only

Stations of Emotions©

This theatre workshop is designed to allow actors to express emotions effectively while being in character. It is a very versatile workshop that works for participants of ages from young to adults. Using techniques from Method Acting, participants will get to understand:

* The many stations of emotions

* How emotions work on stage

* How to control the expression of various emotions

* Turning negatives to positives

* Fine tuning the urges and the edges

The writer within!©

There is a writer within all of us. Everyone has a story to tell. So if you have been mulling over a story in your head for ages and have no idea how to pen it down, then this workshop is certainly for you! Participants will be able to understand how to find the creative writer within themselves within a few hours! This workshop is very versatile and is applicable to all age groups.

This workshop will cover the following topics:

* Am I creative? Like seriously!

* How can I say what I want to say?

* My first creative idea...

* Now let me tell you a story...

Devise, Deviate and get Energised!©

This theatre workshop aims to create a collaborative play devised by the participants themselves. Using everyday themes that we are familiar with, the participants will create a short play! They will also explore their creative work with a variation of endings and beginnings and see their work transform like moving the pieces on a chess board.

This workshop will allow participants to understand the following:

* What is a devise play?

* Working together, playing together

* Let's shake and rattle

* Understand the plot and the battle

Don't get tongue tied!©

Have you had moments where the thought of presenting to a room full of people just creates knots inside your tummy? This workshop will help you ease up and understand how to create the confidence to present from within. Fun filled confidence building exercises will allow you to understand how to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for your presentation.

The workshop will cover:

* The room as your stage

* Know your strengths! - preparation

* Break the barriers - nerves

* Reaching outwards - tools

* Listen!..I am talking! - performance

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