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My personal motto: Education is a gift that stays with you forever! 

Welcome to Gemz Creative Arts website! My name is Dr Puva Arumugam and I started Gemz Creative Arts to serve as a platform to help creative individuals to realise their creative dreams in 2010.

Given that I am a creative person, I love writing, acting, teaching speech and drama and creating handicraft work. I have written several plays, short stories and I have conducted heaps of theatre workshops over the past twenty years.

Being a mother of two children, I started this company as I thoroughly enjoy working with with children to bring the best out of them through performing and creative arts.

My aim is to be a conduit for children and adults who wish to use performing and creative arts to express themselves either through books or craft work.

As a learning centre, my team and I also offer English tuition for Primary and Secondary students!

Feel free to drop me an email if you have a story to publish or if you want to indulge in hand-made craft jewellery or book us for your next birthday party or just chat about arts in general and how it can impart important life skills. Or to book a tutor for your child if you live in Melbourne. 

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