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HOZAIN" by Puva Arumugam​

In her latest book "The Imperfect Life of Sonja Hozain", which is currently work in progress, Puva shares true experiences of women who have been involved in marriages that have helped gay men and their families keep up so called appearances in a patriarchal society.

All throughout her life, Sonja tried to be perfect. She strove relentlessly to be a perfect student, a perfect daughter, a perfect worker, a perfect daughter-in-law, a perfect wife and a perfect mother! She pushed herself to make others happy as she abided by a perfect set of codes that she had for herself.

However, the more she strove to make her life perfect, the more imperfect it became. Hoping to live happily married ever after, Sonja marries despite her own gut instinct! One wrong decision her life is anything but perfect.

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