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Home and online Tutoring

Parents, you and I know that English is a very important subject in School and doing well in English would mean doing well in many subjects such as Maths, Science, History, Economics, Literature and other text related subjects. Look no further for your tutoring needs. At Gemz Creative Arts, we have qualified tutors who can offer home and/or online tutoring to suit the need of various types of learners in the following:

  • Primary and Secondary English 
  • English as a Second Language 
  • Reading and Comprehension
  • Persuasive and Narrative Writing skills
  • High School Literature
  • Preparing for Selective Exams (Melbourne) from Grade 5 and 6
We offer both Personal and Group tutoring to suit your needs. Our team of tutors have Work with Children Card, Masters/PhD and teaching and work experience in Higher Education Institutions. Our tutors will provide supplementary worksheets, easy to understand notes, together with regular 'Check Your Understanding' assessments accompanied by quick feedback. 

Contact us now for a free online consultation session! 


Lessons start at:

  •  $45 an hour per student (depending on grade level)+ [$10 for travel (for face to face classes in selected areas only)]
  • Sibling rate if there are more than 1 student in an household: $40 an hour per student (depending on grade level)+ [$10 for travel (for face to face classes in selected areas only)]

group of children attending a class

Conversational English and Mandarin lessons for adults

Do you want to improve your Conversational English or Conversational Mandarin? Our team of language specialists will help and support you to speak confidently and fluently at a very reasonable cost of $20 per hour via online sessions. Group and personal lessons can be arranged for migrant communities at further discounted rates. Contact us now to enquire more about this offer! 

two adult males talking in class
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