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We offer a wide range of Creative Arts and Performing Arts programs to suit the needs of young and old. Our most popular programs are shown below. Please email for more information on products, prices, current promotions and custom made workshop options that can suit particular needs.

Publishing Children story books

Gemz Creative Arts helps little talents self publish their creative stories as little story books. These books are available to the public via major online book stores such as Amazon and Kindle.

Gemz Arts and Craft classes

Children learn to be creative using colours, beads, ribbons, mosaic and other fun materials to create their own crafts

Gemz Artzy Craftzy Birthday Partiez!

Book us for your child's birthday party and let them have fun while they make themselves earrings, bracelets, necklaces and friendship bands! We provide the materials and children get to keep all their crafty creations!

Gemz Learning Club

We offer fun and enriching lessons on a variety of subjects such as English, Maths, Spelling, Writing and Reading to all levels of Primary students. We use traditional and blended learning tools to enhance the learning experience of our little gems!

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