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Being a Creative and Performance Arts platform, we have added this page to whet the creative appetite of and performance lovers.

Creative Arts would like to thank Natasha Suran for her time and commitment in submitting engaging and interesting performance reviews despite her busy schedule!

Natasha is a multi-talented entrepreneur and an avid Musical/Stage performance fan a degree in Broadcast Communications from Elon University, North Carolina. She hails from New York with extensive training in from HB in New York. She has performed in productions and commercials in the US and Melbourne as well as taught acting to primary aged children.

While she is not busy being a creative business woman, she also makes the best brownies that are loved by all at the local school's bake stalls!


20 June 2013

The Penelopiad

@ the La Mama Courthouse

349 Drummond St. Carlton

Yesterday I got the chance to go to the opening night of Margret Atwood's new play, The Penelopiad. Showing for a limited time at La Mama Courthouse in Carlton and presented by The Stork Theatre, The Penelopiad is based on Homer's Odyssey. It is the story of Odysseus' wife Penelope as she waits 20 long years for her husband's return. With mostly a bare stage, Penelope and the Greek chorus consisting of three beautiful women, begin to reenact the events that eventually lead to her death, as well as that of her twelve maids. The story is told from Told in the style of a Greek Comedy with some nice dark bits, it captures you from the beginning as you remember parts of the Odyssey that you read years ago, in your high school days. The pieces fall into place and you are slowly lured into her world and you find out what really happened. Although this production cup of tea, those of you who are a fan of Margret Atwood (The Handmaid's Tale) and Greek mythology would very much enjoy this. Carolyn Bock's portrayal of the ever-faithful and dutiful wife was fantastic. At one point my companion even remarked that she was a bit scared of her because she was that convincing.

The three ladies of the chorus did a great job echoing the lines of Penelope as well as transforming themselves into other characters such as Odysseus, Helen of Troy and the dreadful suitors that are after Penelope's estate. I laughed many times with the audience during the sold-out performance as well shocked and saddened by some rather unfortunate and evil scenarios.

The Courthouse is a small black box so it makes a great venue for an intimate production where at times you feel like the actors are talking to you directly. The Penelopiad runs until July 7th at La Mama Courthouse, 349 Drummond St. Carlton. After the show, may I suggest heading across the street to The Town Mouse for some delicious food, great and super friendly It's a great way to end a wonderful night out! Check out The Penelopiad before it sails off like Odysseus himself.


May 2013

Driving Miss Daisy

@ Comedy Theatre

It's not that one gets to see such amazing talent under one roof. If you are like me and enjoy then you need to check out the Alfred Uhry's play, Driving Miss Daisy. It's playing at the Comedy Theatre for a limited time and it should not be missed. When your cast consists of Angela Lansbury, James Earl Jones and Boyd Caines you know you are in for a real treat. Whether I was laughing or crying, I had could tell that the audience (a packed ) were loving it too. Listening to Mr. Jones portray Hoke Coleburn, you forget that he was the voice of Darth Vader and countless other characters. All you see is that he becomes Hoke and you see the lovely friendship between him and Miss Daisy unfold.

Angela Lansbury's portrayal of Daisy Wertham was spot on. Her tough-as-nails Miss Daisy is a far cry from her role as Jessica Fletcher in the "Murder She Wrote" series that we use to watch every week as kids. Boyd Caines had me laughing so hard as Miss Daisy's exasperated son Boolie Wertham. All three actors are stage veterans with a collection of Tonys between them. The story takes place during the time of the Civil Rights movement in the state of Georgia during the 1950s and 60s. When Miss Daisy Wertham can no longer drive herself around town, her son Boolie hires easy-going Hoke Coleburn to be her driver. At she resists as she is fiercely independent but then reluctantly she lets him take her to places like the supermarket and temple before they cross state lines to visit relatives in the very unforgiving state of Mississippi. An unexpected friendship slowly begins to unfold with this very unlikely pair. What you must remember at that time in the American South was that African Americans were treated most unfairly and their conditions were horrible. They had to eat at separate tables and forced to use different bathrooms and had their own doctors. The character of Miss Daisy was not a racist woman and did not tolerate She as a Jewish woman had to also face prejudice at that time. Even though she was quite wealthy, she never treated Hoke like he was beneath her.

Although the stage was a simple set, take away the experience but rather enhanced it with images of the South that once was. The performance is one hour and thirty minutes without an intermission. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend this once in a lifetime show. Driving Miss Daisy will be playing at the Comedy in Melbourne the 11th of May. New tickets have been issued so hurry up before they go!

Natasha Suran

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