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Gemz Creative Arts has dedicated this page to young talents who wish to have their creative expressions showcased. If you are between the ages 7 to 16 and would like to have your poem(s) featured on our website, send in your entries to for review. 

You and I

You and I

live in this great big boat

in the deep blue sea


don't know why

But I try

to steer this boat

and I try

to keep my head held high

You and I

are like two peas in a pod

we get along well

but there have been times

when we both fell

we both know that

we have each other

together and forever

we will be friends

together and forever

we will be safe

Then thunder booms

and lightning strikes

we hold on tight

Me and You

You and I

Forever friends on our rough journey


Nirtha Selvananthan

10 years old

My Mum

My mom is like a beautiful Lily growing from a seed

When she hugs me

Her arms are soft like a teddy

She is as pretty as a peacock

She smells like white flowers-

Chloe shining

When she comes out of her shower

Her hair smells like blueberry

She feels soft like a puppy's fur

When she hugs me, it is so tight

I laugh

My mum helps me when I was a baby, a toddler to walk

She reminds me of god in heaven

I love my Mum because she is the nicest thing in my dreams

in my heart


Shastra Selvananthan,

7 years old

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