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Gemz Creative Arts offers end to end book publishing as a core service to inspiring Indie authors. Our services include editing, ghost writing, proof reading, editing and formatting for on line and paperback publication.  Check out the books that we have published so far and they are on sale commercially on and many other international online Indie book distributors throughout the world. 

To mark our 10th Anniversary, we published this new book in 2020: Black and White - A collection of poems by Puva Arumugam Book II.

This book serves as a window to Puva’s world where she allows you to take a peek through her 26 poems, into her innermost prayers, wishes, triumphs, struggles and challenges that she faced in her life. As she thanks her parents, salutes her children, commends her family and friends, laments over parenting woes, loses her mind being lonely, confuses God with her wishes to die and then to live and shares random baffling thoughts, you, the reader, will be taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Enjoy this rare chance to be a voyeur into Puva’s life. 

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This is a children's book created during a Creative Writing exercise conducted by Gemz Creative Arts - Center for performing and creative arts. Gemz Creative Arts is dedicated to creating talents young and old through book publishing. This book was written by an eight year old girl and it is her view about a child who had met with an accident. It has a special appeal to children because it is a book written for them by a child.

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Jodie Goes To The Zoo by Shastra Selvananthan

Jodie goes to the zoo is the result of a creative exercise participated by young author, Shastra Selvananthan. Shastra was five when she narrated the story as part of a Gemz Creative Arts creative exercise. Shastra revisited the narration a year later when she could read and write better. She also had a say in the colour of the cover and the photos that were added as part of the content.

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Tears and Fears - A collection of Poems by Puva Arumugam

This book of poems is a compilation of eleven poems written over a couple of decades by Puva Arumugam about the assailant called love.  Most of the 'poems are a result of tears that transformed pain into words as they landed on paper' whenever she felt attacked by the assailant called "Love".

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Tears and Fears - A collection of poems by Puva Arumugam

Preface written by Singapore Author, Linguistic Academic Dr Anitha Devi Pillai:

"Dr. Puva Arumugam presents a collection of poems as a window to her soul. She lays herself bare, stripped away of all worldly possessions and accolades. She stands before us and as an academic, but rather as a woman betrayed, a woman scorned and a woman loved by the elusive phantom. It does not matter who this phantom is as we don’t need to know the term pain in Tamil to recognize it in a Tamil woman’s eyes. The cause of the pain is carefully captured in scenes and conversations within the poems. The pain is never revisited. It is epitomised as a string of words carefully crafted by the maker and enclosed in this collection. In that way, the writer moves beyond each hurtful word, phrase and act. With each poem the writer learns and grows. As the collection ends, we too are hopeful that the ‘Stranger on the tram’ would smile, pause and be the impetus for the next collection of poem filled with love and joy. It is admirable of Puva to write a bold collection of poems. As a multilingual academic, playwright and now a poet, Puva has shown how versatile and prolific she is. I wish her the very best in her future endeavours and look forward to reading her future work.

Anitha Devi Pillai, Lecturer English

National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

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