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Carlton Gardens Primary School's Bollywood Event 2012

Creative Arts happy to in Carlton Gardens Primary School's Bollywood Event this year.

With a variety of expatriate and multicultural students studying in this school, a group of Indian expatriate mothers initiated the idea of having a Bollywood Evening, that would provide a taste of India filled with fun and dance items, with the School's Parents and Friend's Committee during one of their weekly meetings.

The Parents and Friend's Committee managed to persuade the School's Council to give the to hold this debut event in the last week of School term.

As part of creative input and interest to work with local communities, the team at Creative Arts got involved in three of the dances and the in preparation of food for the event.

Kudos to the group of mothers who worked relentlessly for nearly two months planning the various dances, conducting the dance rehearsals, sharing of home spaces for the various rehearsals, cooking the snacks and also for coming up with the costume designs for the numerous items for the event.

It is heartwarming to see a blend of cultures in schools these days and events such as these certainly add and urge the fellow students to get into the many cultures that have blended within Australia today!

The team at Creative Arts looks forward to working with other schools to promote more various cultural and creative activities!

Picture below shows Creative Arts food contribution: Small sparkling bites of Kesari 

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